Many people have different ways to implement Angular Forms and every approach has its own kind of value to it. Here is the best way which I liked to implement the angular reactive forms.

Firstly, what are Angular Reactive Forms?

Reactive forms are a way of angular to implement the reusable forms for various features of the applications. It uses the complete angular features to bind the data and set the data to the form controls.

Key components of Reactive Forms:

  1. Form Control: It tracks the value and validation status of an individual form control.
  2. Form Group: It track the…

These are some of the most common methods which i have used my angular projects. Many of them get confused between few methods or do not know exactly where to use and how to use these methods in their projects. If you need any help or assistance in your projects, please do mail me

1. Push method:

This method is used to append an element or an object to an array.

Main advantage of using this method is, it add the new object to the existing array instead of creating a new array with all the objects.

let array = [
{'id':123, 'type':'Car'…

Form Validation are one of the key validations to implement when implementing the forms in your Applications. There are different type of validations for different types of input. Let’s look at some of the validations in this post. We are using ‘Reactive Forms’ in Angular to implement the Contact Form in our application.

Razor Pay is a payment gateway where we users can make the payment in your E-commerce application or website. Razor pay has detailed documentation on how to integrate into the Server side of the application. There is no clear explainations on how to implement on Client-side of the Applications. In this article i will be explaining on how to integrate the razor payment into our application using Angular as client side and NodeJs as Server side.

There are many way in the internet which explains how to integrate the Google Authentication into NodeJs Applications. But there are few ways which explains the Google Authentication with Angular as fronted and Nodejs as server. In this article, im going to explain how to implement Google Authentication with Angular and NodeJs. This is very simple way of doing it and you can customise this solution according your requirements.

Firstly, lets start with Angular part of the implementation. We have npm module which helps us to integrate the social login into our application. …

Passportjs is authentication middleware which can be used in application to login to your application. Passportjs has different types of authenticaction strategies to implement the authentications. We are discussing the ‘Local Strategy’ in this article. PassportJs has very impressive documentation which explains various examples of the authentication.

Let’s start with fronted part of the application. We are using Angular 8 as frontend framework and we are using reactive forms which sends the data to the backend.

Hello people, this post mainly discusses on how to integrate the stripe payments gateway into your MEAN stack applications. Integrating stripe payments into your applications is completely free of charge. They won’t charge you for integration and testing of the stripe payments. They charge the businesses on per transaction basis. You check the pricing in their website. It is simple to integrate and very effective to use this payment gateway for the websites.

First, If you don’t have an account in stripe. Then go to stripe website and singup. After you singup it will ask for your email verification. …

Writing a File upload API is really important for many projects where they have to upload different type of files or images to upload into their server. In NodeJs we have an middleware tool which helps us to upload files from the fronted to the NodeJs server.

Let’s start with Angular application where we have send the file to Nodejs server.

Writing the input field of type file in the angular reactive form. After click the submit button, it will run the submitPhoto function.

Firebase is great tools to host any of your static websites. We can host the website with free of cost and easy to deploy to the Firebase. In this post we will see on how to host an angular website using Firebase hosting.

Step 1: Create an angular application using angular CLI or open an existing angular application.

ng new newProject — For creating a new angular project with angular CLI

Step 2: Install the firebase tools dependency globally using the following command. This will install the firebase CLI into your computer.

npm install -g firebase-tools

Step 3: Do the…

Github can host any type of application like React, Angular, Html, Vue Js, etc. We can host an application directly from github repository. This can be advantageous where you don’t have to write any type of CI-CD pipelines to host into the server. Github does all necessary thing for us.This post is mainly about hosting angular applications to the Github pages with github repository.

Step 1: Create a github public repository with your preferred repository name.

You cannot host the application if your repository is private!!

Step 2: Connect your angular application to the github repository.

Copy the repository link…

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